GIBV Initiatives

GIBV aims to empower people in villages and slums of India by providing access to basic tools for a healthy and productive life. Our service portfolio includes projects ranging from most basic needs of ordinary people to their socio-economic leadership growth leading to their holisitic advancement (known as ‘vikas’). Our ultimate objective is to help people help themselves.

Give light and energy

Give Water

Share Knowledge

Farmer Empowerment

Besides providing basic needs of a rural area/slum, GIBV’s Rural Empowerment is geared towards an education that leads to self-unfoldment that touches the inner being of a person. This education teaches students the importance of their actions in the development of the nation. True Rural Empowerment should lead to सामाजिक समरसता (social harmony); GIBV plans to use AIREP model of education to bring about the social transformation through self-unfoldment and social harmony.

Recently Executed Projects


GIBV wants to provide Home Solar System to each family. It comes with two LED lamps, solar panel, battery and optionally a small fan. The cost is around US $110 and the warranty is for 10 years.In addition, solar powered flash (torch) lights and street lights are also available.

Solar Street Light

GIBV wants to provide Solar Street Lights to communities. Two such lights placed at a distance of 20′ / 7 Meters has a projection range of 32′ / 10 Meters. The cost is around US $575 (without the Pole) and the warranty is for 10 years.

Water and Arsenic Filter

A scientist from IIT Madras, Dr. Chandrasekharan has invented a natural water filter using clay. Unlike various reverse-osmosis technologies, this process does not require electricity and there is no loss of water. The filters last for over a year.Cost US $33

Eco Stove

GIBV is offering several models of ‘echo-stoves’ which are smokeless and can use biomass and bio-waste based fuels with over 40% efficiency at very cost effective price of US $60.

Upcoming Initiatives


Environmental friendly and
cost-effective sanitary napkins

Skill Training

Entrepreneurship development projects


Many of us were born in India, many are not – but we feel the connection, the bond for Mother India. We would like to give back or simply do something to uplift our brothers and sisters who are not as privileged. Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV) was established in September 2013 to bring about organic changes and grass roots development for a large population of rural & urban India. Our unique approach is to EMPOWER the locals. Let them decide what they need. In collaboration with AIREP (All India Rural Empowerment Programme) & IQG (Innovative Quality Group) in India and GIBC (Global Indian Business Council) in USA we provide logistics, resources and support to various projects and activities. GIBV is actively networking with like-minded groups across the globe.

GIBV is a charitable 501(C)3 organization in US (IRS/Federal Tax ID 46-3735966).