Positioning India among the top three developed nations via Organic Development.


Establish network of volunteers from around the world interested in spending time, energy and resources in organic development of villages and slums in India Develop a network of knowledge experts in several fields such as education, energy, skills and entrepreneurship development, water, health, environment etc. Conduct citizen awareness campaigns regarding constitutional rights, citizens’ obligations, need for clean candidates for any elected body, importance of vote,accountability of elected candidates, performance audit, corrosive effect of corruption, integral development, means and ways to strengthen democracy.

Road Ahead

  • Adopt a village or slum for empowerment programs in every state of India
  • Rural empowerment:  Local rural leadership for organic development
  • Community involvement in adopted village as samajik samarasata (social harmony)
  • Goal: Adopt one village or slum in at least 10 States in India by the end of 2016

How do we do it?

  • Find Anchor Volunteers from outside of India to connect with a project (village, slum, etc.) in India
  • Provide support to projects in India in terms of Technology and Finances
  • Campaign in different countries to recruit volunteers and collect resources

Focus Areas

  • Education
    Primary and secondary Digital literaAgriculture
  • Agriculture
    Latest information on farming
    Organic Farming
  • Water
    Drinking, irrigation, sanitation, rainwater harvesting
  • Sanitation
    Cleanliness, hygiene, waste management and treatment
  • Energy
    Focus on renewable
  • Health Care education
    Preventive and sustaining
  • Employment
    via Entrepreneurship and Skills training
  • Custom Solutions
    Specific need for an adopted village/slum