India has:

  • Millions of men, women and children living in stark poverty without access to basic education, hygiene or health care.
  • 33% of world’s poor - about 400 million (World Bank report 2013)
  • 37% of the world’s illiterate adults (287 million); 68% of them being women. (UNESCO report 2014)
  • 73% Rural population
  • 17% of urban population living in slums (about 65 million people.) Likely to be 100 million by 2017.)   
  • Widening gap between the urban vs. the rural, the rich vs. the poor
  • Cities moving in sync with the developed countries but the rural areas that lack infrastructure, quality healthcare, good education, sanitation and job opportunities.
  • Risks having 360 million undereducated, unemployed and frustrated youth in 10 years, if we do not act now; a demographic dividend but demographic nightmare too!