There are many reasons to become a member of Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV). Some reasons will be closer to your heart than the others.
You may decide to become a member because:
  1. Good of the motherland, Bharat (India) is dear to you
  2. You want to see development of rural areas along with the cities
  3. You believe in integrated development rooted in our ethos and heritage
  4. You believe that an informed citizenry will strengthen democracy
  5. You want to show your commitment by supporting an organization like GIBV
What are the Membership Benefits?
  • Regular communications from GIBV office
  • Opportunity to join in conference calls and give valuable input
  • A chance to attend the annual and regional meetings 
  • can become a city/state/region coordinator
  • Can serve on the Executive body and help shape policies and programs
  • Can Interact with our networking organizations in Bharat
  • Can visit Rural Empowerment Project(s) in Bharat
  • Can Adopt a village or a slum in a state of your choice in Bharat for the Rural Empowerment Project
  • Volunteer while visiting Bharat

   Several Membership options are available.

Core Member: 
For those who are seriously interested in supporting  GIBV and are willing to devote time for the organization
 Dedicated Member:  
For those who are seriously interested in supporting GIBV
and are willing to devote time for the organization but would  like lower financial commitment
Student Member:      For full time students who are less than 30 years age
Primary Member:  For those who like the Vision and Mission of GIBV and  
want to identify as regular supporter
 Life Member:   For those who want to make onetime payment and be 
identified as lifelong supporter
Patron Member:   For those who want to be identified with the organization 
at a higher level with onetime payment
Core Member:  $500/year
Dedicated Member: $250/year
Primary Member:     $100/year (not available to office bearers)
Student Member: $50/year
Life Member:      $1000(onetime payment) (not available to office bearers)
Patron Member:     $2500 (onetime payment) (not available to office bearers
Yearly membership starts from the first day of the month in which the membership funds are received.

Cell (Mobile)Land line


18 to 35 Years36 to 50 Years50 to 65 Years65 Years +

$500/year Core Member$250/year Dedicated Member$100/Year Primary Membership (not available to office bearers)$50/year Full Time Student (under age 30)$1000 Life Member Onetime Payment (not available to office bearers)$2500 Patron Member Onetime Payment (not available to office bearers)I cannot be a member now but would like to make a contribution (See next item)N.A. I live outside of USA, Canada or Europe