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The Fuel Challenge

Millions of people are still using the most basic sources of fuel for cooking their food including wood, charcoal, cow-dung, coal, and kerosene. Each of them has huge health, environmental and economic impact.

Two-thirds of India’s 1.3 billion people continue to rely on carbon-emitting biomass and dung-based fuel for cooking, according to a United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) report titled ‘Sustainable Energy For All’ (2014)

The current government’s effort t to provide LPG cylinders to all village households has made a good impact but it will take years before people eschew the habit of burning biomass and dung-based fuel. Hence, the importance of accelerating the use of alternative products.

How fuel consumption effect the people and environment

According to Delhi-based pulmonologist Prateek Kamaraj: “Burning solid fuels produces extremely high levels of indoor air pollution. As cooking takes place every day, most people using solid fuels are exposed to smoke particles at a level much higher than the accepted annual limits for outdoor air pollution. Epidemiological studies have shown a clear connection between air pollution and heart disease and stroke.”

The World Health Organization Household Air Pollution and Health report released in March 2014 states that over 50% of premature deaths among children under five are due to pneumonia caused by particulate matter (soot) inhaled from household air pollution. Over 3.8 million premature deaths annually from non-communicable diseases including stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer are attributed to exposure to household air pollution, adds the report.

Empowerment is possible by providing an environmentally safe, clean source of light. Fortunately, the latest technology enables us to do just that. We are offering very cost-effective Solar housing systems for homes where once they are installed they would last for 10 years without any additional cost.

What we can do?
Provide Gas stove and Lights

GIBV has identified a manufacturer of gas stove and light. GIBV is raising funds for the seed money through donations to start this project. GIBV will work with partners in India and other countries and NRIs to implement the project in villages. This alliance will identify the villages and extend help to the villagers for gas stove and light. GIBV will negotiate best pricing for the bulk purchase of gas stove and lights.