Welcome to Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV)

What is in a name, so said Shakespeare.  Apparently, a lot. We have carefully chosen this name which consists of English and Sanskrit words.

Global, because Indians have always advocated the entire creation as their family.

Indians, as the people of Indian origin.

Bharat, the name describes the ancient cultural heritage of India.

Vikas, the Integral development, not just economic development of the nation but the flowering of the inner self to the full potential along with the material progress.

While it is heartening to note that Bharat has made tremendous progress in the last few years and the standard of living of many citizens has improved, the benefits of modernization have not reached its rural area in commensurate measure. This disparity is not healthy for the nation and can lead to many problems in the future.

There are 60,000 villages in Bharat and approximately 70% of our population lives in villages. Most of the villagers suffer from a lack of good infrastructure, healthcare, education, and a lack of skills development opportunities.

Therefore, it is imperative that thinking minds give serious thought to how to empower our rural population, how to provide them education and opportunities so that they can take their rightful place in the process of development of the nation, not only in physical terms but also in terms of integral development where internal strength would provide them with confidence, enthusiasm, and eagerness to participate in the nation-building while making their villages ideal villages and an example of rural empowerment.

Global Indians for Bharat Vikas invites all nonresident Bharatiyas as well as people of Bharat to come forward in this major initiative of Rural Empowerment. There are several ways to feel connected to this movement. You may decide to become a member to identify with the cause, you may register as a volunteer; you may decide to make a one time or recurring donation (tax-deductible in the USA); you may elect to sponsor a product for a number of villages or several products for one village; you may decide to adopt a village to be its mentor, you may decide to give time (especially, if you live in Bharat) to learn the techniques of working in the villages and become a volunteer teacher, you may share expertise that you might have to benefit the villages, the list is endless.

GIBV is working with the All India Rural Empowerment Project (AIREP), a project of Avbodh organization in Gujarat for Rural Empowerment through education in 16 villages. GIBV is working in the Tehari Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. We have supplied White Boards for offline learning at Government Inter College IDPL Veerbhadra, Rishikesh. Our vision is to create model villages in every state.

Mother Bharat is calling you! Join GIBV today and get the immense satisfaction that comes from selfless Seva (service) for a noble cause. Be a part of empowering our fellow citizens.


Vande Mataram!

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Our Projects
Provide Light and Energy

GIBV has identified a manufacturer of these devices and has negotiated the best pricing. Initially, it would require seed money to purchase the product to help villages for which GIBV is raising funds through donations.

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The Fuel Challenge

GIBV has identified a manufacturer of gas stove and light. GIBV is raising funds for the seed money through donations to start this project. GIBV will work with partners in India and other countries and NRIs to implement the project in villages.

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Provide Clean Water

 GIBV’s intent is, where possible, encourage the manufacturers of such filters to manufacture or assemble portable water filters for individual homes in the selected villages to provide money earning opportunity for villagers and create employment for rural areas.

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