About the Project
Empower the Farmers

Farmers in India severely lack access to information which can significantly change their profession. The information includes weather reports, crop prices, diseases, how-to overcome them etc. While technology is rapidly reaching the people to every corner of the world, Indian farmers can be provided with cheap and convenient tools to improve knowledge, productivity, and income.

The focus of the “NammaRaitha” Project from eKisaan foundation is to “Educate, Engage & Empower” our farming community. NammaRaitha is an intuitive interactive farmer’s platform, with multi-language support, that acts as a catalyst to engage farmers, share best practices among farmers and facilitate higher interaction in the process.

As part of this “NammaRaitha” project, the information will be shared in an interactive manner with our farming community. This information falls broadly into 3 categories – Crop related, Real-time information, Benefits & policies. In addition, the Namma-Raitha platform focuses to continuously engage/interact with farmers bringing the right SMEs as needed to make an immediate positive impact on farmers.

NammaRaitha is a platform that will act as a catalyst to share best practices among farmers and facilitate higher interaction. In addition, this project also aims at providing educational & basic healthcare information to farmer’s families. The tablet can be customized to a local language.

GIBV is in preliminary talks with eKisaan Foundation to use their NammaRatha project which uses a tablet to help the farmers with their issues.

In this approach, A ‘kisaan club’ is formed in a village and a low-cost Tablet is provided to them which will cost around INR 10,000 ($150). It will work both online and offline

What we can do?
Provide the devices

GIBV will actively promote eKisaan tablets in the villages where it is working. GIBV will subsidize the cost of the tablet and train the farmers in its use. In the long run, input from the farmers will help improve the software. We will have to study the NammaRatha application to see if it incorporates help already available from various state governments. The software will also need to be updated to reflect the government of India’s recent (May 2020) decision to help farmers sell their goods directly to the end-user.