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All India Rural Empowerment Program AIREP is a people’s movement aimed at improving the quality of life mainly in rural India by strengthening Education, Vocation and Healthcare. The pilot project is functional in Paldi Kankaj village near Ahmedabad and VolunTeaching (Education) is also functional in Mulsan and Gilosan villages of Mehsana district.

GIBV is partnering with All India Rural Empowerment Project (AIREP) (Amdavad, Gujarat)

AIREP is a people’s movement aimed at improving the quality of life mainly in rural India by strengthening Education, Vocational training and Healthcare. Over the last 12 years, they have gone from one village (Paldi-Kankarej) to 11 villages in Amdavad and Mehsana districts of Gujarat. They train college going students and college graduates to be the teachers for working with the village students. These uniquely trained students are called Volunteachers (voluntary teachers.)  Nirma University and Ganpat University are providing some infrastructure help to AIREP.

Experience of all these years has shown that the village students have developed self-confidence, have excelled in studies, have taken interest in the wellbeing of their village and have come forward to be trained as teachers themselves.

About the Project
GIBV is in preliminary talks with Swashodhan Trust (Hyderabad) to cooperate with them on a model village project that puts heavy emphasis on ethics, meditation and wisdom in all aspects of its work.

Swashodhan Trust, started by the retired USA based Dr. Karunakar Reddy aims to create model, smart villages with an emphasis on the integral development of the villagers. Its three pillars are Shyla (Morality, character), Samadhi (Meditation), and Prajna (Wisdom). Swashodhan Trust is nature friendly and will create citizens who are environmentally conscious.

What we can do?
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GIBV has a salaried project manager in Bharat whose role is to liaison with the partnering and the potential partner organizations where GIBV has a synergy of thought and action. The manager meets with village heads and government departments to assess the educational needs of the villages.

Currently, GIBV’s focus is on Dharkot village in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, about 30 miles north of Rishikesh on the eastern bank of the river Ganga. Two  GIBV team members (from India and USA) visited the location and met with the school principal and teachers as well as the Block Development officer to survey the needs and their compatibility with GIBV’s resources.  A 10 days long Shibir (training camp) of the high school and college students, teachers, and select village residents is planned as the starting point. However, owing to the current pandemic situation (June 2020), it is put on hold.

The cost of the training camp is estimated to be $5,000. We request you to click the DONATE button to help the Dharkot project for rural areas.