GIBV Projects
Provide Light and Energy

GIBV has identified a manufacturer of these devices and has negotiated the best pricing. Initially, it would require seed money to purchase the product to help villages for which GIBV is raising funds through donations.

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The Fuel Challenge

GIBV has identified a manufacturer of gas stove and light. GIBV is raising funds for the seed money through donations to start this project. GIBV will work with partners in India and other countries and NRIs to implement the project in villages.

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Provide Clean Water

 GIBV’s intent is, where possible, encourage the manufacturers of such filters to manufacture or assemble portable water filters for individual homes in the selected villages to provide money earning opportunity for villagers and create employment for rural areas.

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GIBV Projects in association with Partners
Impart Value-based Education

GIBV has a salaried project manager in Bharat whose role is to liaison with the partnering and the potential partner organizations where GIBV has synergy of thought and action .The manager meets with village heads and government departments to assess the educational needs of the villages. 

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Empower the Farmers

GIBV will actively promote eKisaan tablets in the villages where it is working. GIBV will subsidize cost of the tablet and train the farmers in its use. In the long run, input from the farmers will help improve the software.

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Dr. Mahesh Mehta Center for Holistic Development

In the year 2008, Dr. Mahesh Mehta had envisaged working with communities for the up- gradation of their quality of life. With his inspiration team AIREP (All India Rural Empowerment Program) took up the challenge and established their presence in villages near Ahmedabad.

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