About the Project
Dr. Mahesh Mehta Center for Holistic Development

Dr. Mahesh Mehta, a polymer scientist, spent close to 50 years in the USA excelling in his chosen carrier of Research and Development of membranes. But his passion was social service, and he made an indelible impact on the Indian Diaspora by establishing Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) a premier organisation way back in 1970, to safeguard, nurture and propagate Hindu values for the future generations of Hindus as well as bringing awareness of Hindu values to the mainstream Americans. He was instrumental in starting the Hindu University of America. During Mrs. Indira Gandhi’s infamous emergency rule, he led the Indian Diaspora from the front by creating Indians for Democracy (IFD) to fight for reestablishing democracy. In early 2000’s Dr. Mehta founded IQG, India Quality Group with an idea to educate people for the need of making basic changes in all spheres of life to create an equitable and just society. He traveled to several universities in Bharat to present his vision to students and the faculties. 

In the year 2008, Dr. Mahesh Mehta inspired a team of volunteers to create AIREP (All India Rural Empowerment Program) which took up the challenge and established their presence in villages near Ahmedabad. After 10 years of operation of the program, with Dr. Mahesh Mehta’s blessings, a separate trust was created, namely Avsath Vidya Sansthaan, to act as a nodal body for the VolunTeaching Movement. Avsath’s vision is – ʺ to establish a replicable process of education that is suitable for socio-economic development”. When Dr. Mahesh Mehta turned 75, his well-wishers in the U.S.A. donated to create a training center for VolunTeaching (Volunteer Teaching) Program at his farmland at Miroli. The center was constructed in 2014 and has ever since become the nodal center for all  activities of AIREP. 

In the year 2013 Maheshbhai founded Global Indians for Bharat Vikas (GIBV) for the empowerment of the Rural areas. GIBV has been working with AIREP to fulfill dream of Maheshbhai and continues on the path that Maheshbhai had charted.

It was in 2019, when 10 years of VolunTeaching was completed and Avsath was founded, that Dr. Mahesh Mehta presented a dream to establish a ʺ VolunTeacher University”. Ever since that, it has become a mission for the core VolunTeachers to take every action towards that dream. The proposed center for Holistic Development would be a step towards that larger dream. The center would have facilities like Vitark Kshetra: Multipurpose Computer Lab for Digital Skill training including AI of LVTs (Local VolunTeachers) and Village Youth, VolunTeachers Training and Orientation programs; Arsh Kshetra : AV room with space for Innovation; Kautilya : Space for admin work ; Annapurna Kshetra: The Kitchen Facilities; Shaurya Kshetra: place with needed facilities for Agniveer as well as sports and Police service training.


The Computer Lab & AV Room will have:

  • Latest configuration PC – 20
  • Sound Proofing for AV room 
  • Accessories (Pen drive, Headphones, Speakers, Hard drive) 
  • Internet facility & Networking work
  • Printer
  • UPS / Generator 
  • CCTV Camera 
  • AV LED Screen 
  • Sound System 
  • AC


Construction consists of: 

  • Computer Lab and Kautilya (Admin Space) 
  • Place for Sva-Samvad & Kitchen Pavement & Electric 3 Phase connection


TOTAL COST : Rs. 7500000/-  (Approximately $100,000 USD)

Dr. Mahesh Mehta passed away in 2021 but his ideas and dream live on. With generous donations, additional construction of Dr. Mahesh Mehta Holistic Development Center is in progress. We seek your support to complete the construction and inaugurate a fully functional Holistic Development Center in the near future. Dhanyavaad!

What we can do?
Provide the devices

Dr. Mahesh Mehta Center for Holistic Development will actively promote Multipurpose Computer Lab in the villages where it is working.